I made this section so that you can quickly find out what this site is about.

First of all, I am JJ (aka -JJ-, and jjtu), the creator of other sites you may remember like my New Zealand Rugby 2001 download site, Rugby 2004 Information site, and World Championship Rugby information site (which have all now faded away because of domain changes).

This site is designed to hold all of the information from the previous ones, but in one location and with a bit of luck will be around for a long time.  I will be looking at getting some minimal advertising on this site, hopefully with a link to rugby in it. If you want to advertise on my site, simply email me using the link at the bottom of the page. If I think you deserve to have your site advertised for free, I will create a button (if not supplied) and chuck you in the "Hot Links" to the right.

The main purpose of this site will be to inform you on rugby titles coming out in the future, but also to give people background information on older games. Rugby League will be covered, as I feel it is relevant enough to fit in. If you know of any rugby gaming related news which has a credible source, please email me by using the link at the bottom of the page.

If you have any information, downloads or whatever about any rugby game please email me and I will check it out.



Do NOT direct link to any download or image on this site. Please. If you would like to use anything from this site to put on your own site, please ask. Things that you take without asking are:

Just to let you know, anything on the internet with a symbol is officially copyrighted. And this entire site is covered by that.


Some helpful information.

Rugby 2005, Rugby Challenge 2006, and (Stacey Jones) Rugby League 2 are 'working title' names. There is no information to confirm or deny these names.

If I say email me anytime on this site, use the link at the very bottom of the page.


FAQs (that haven't actually been asked).

1. I would like to help with your site, what do I do?

A. I had this one a few times with my Rugby 2001 site so... You may think it, but I don't need (ok, want) help, if I do, I'll post it in news or the forum. However, if you are really awesome at formatting sites and/or graphics (eg banners, backgrounds) then give me a sample, and I will think about it. If you have information about a rugby game, please PM or email me.


2. I want some information about an upcoming game, shall I email you?

A. No. Unless you are positive you can not find it yourself. Even then ask yourself whether you think I would know.


3. Why is there no (Stacey Jones) Rugby League 2 section?

A. Because it is not confirmed, and not likely to be confirmed for a while yet.


4. A link that I am sure is real isn't working, should I email you?

A. Yes, please do.


5. One of your frames is "trapping" the webpage in, what should I do?

A. Email me.


6. What can I do to help you?

A. Spread the word. Also, if you come across any problems please tell me.


7. I have information about an upcoming rugby game and it isn't already on your site, what should I do?

A. Please email me.


8. I want to give you money, what do I do?

A. Simply email me and we'll sort it out. Seriously though, if you would like to advertise on this site email me, I certainly wouldn't ask very much for advertising.


9. I can provide you with a free host, no ads, good URL and a decent bandwidth, would you like to use it?

A. Yes, please email me.