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Welcome to the Rugby League section of this site. This game was developed by New Zealand company Sidhe, and was made with close contact with the fans. It was the first rugby league game to be made in seven years, the first since ARL '96.

The game is probably the best looking rugby or league game ever, and while the game play is certainly the best that a league game has ever seen, it is hard to compare with union. However, as a union supporter firstly, I actually prefer the Rugby League game play to the other second generation rugby games.

This game has had quite a few patches made for it, which is also expanding it's lifespan.

A sequel is unlikely to be completed until 2006, although it is still possible for a late 2005 release. A sequel has not been confirmed yet, but it did appear as if it was quite successful and Mario (of Sidhe) is not confirming or denying anything at the moment.


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