Rugby 2001 Patches

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Firstly, If anybody has any patches or teams from Rugby 2001, please email me by using the link at the bottom of the page.

And before you install any patches make sure you have a back up of the original.


NPC 2004 patch - Made by Eric. This patch replaces teams in Rugby 2001 to make all of logos, kits, teams, ad boards and rugby balls NPC 2004 versions. Great patch, even comes with self installer.

Super 12 patch (offsite link). This download replaces the current teams in your Rugby 2001 game. It also comes with a team the creator has made himself, so you can play a Super 13. The Read Me included tells you everything else you need to know. I think this is based around the 2002 Super 12.

Player Editor - feel free to host this on your own site (this does not mean you can direct link to it).

Kit Skin - this is what you need to use if you are making kits - see the Help section for more info