Rugby 2005 Features

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Official - straight from EA's mouth

  • True Rugby Realism—New player models of varying height and weight and realistic animations bring the tackles, high emotions, and player actions to life.
  • Learn it. Play it. Live it.—Training mode outlines the eight main rugby gameplay elements including rules, controls, and advanced tactics. Then take your skills to the Training Pitch for challenge-based drills using advanced controls.
  • Unprecedented Control Over Every Aspect of the Sport—Set plays on the fly, dive when tackling, sidestep big hits, build momentum with a shoulder charge, or confuse the defense with complex fakes and dummies.
  • All-New Creation Zone—Create customized players based on your own likeness, your favorite rugby star, classic players of the game, or any other characters.
  • New Teams and Tournaments—More teams and leagues added for the upcoming season, plus the addition of the Heineken/European Cup and customizable, user-designed knockout tournaments.
  • Enhanced Broadcast Presentation—New camera angles, sound effects, crowd noise, commentators, and replay controls provide better feel for the on-field action.
  • Team Songs and Chants—Team songs and crowd chants from the major stadiums around the world capture the spirit and excitement of rugby.
  • All other features - all true