World Cup Rugby 1995

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This was EA Sports first attempt at a rugby game. I haven't actually played the game, so I can not comment much.

However Sean (Captain America) has provided me with some information, so this section is thanks to him. Check out his review of the game here.

The game came out on the Sega Genesis/Megadrive at the end of 1994. This followed up by a PC version in mid 1995. You can now download the PC version legally and for free from The Underdogs.

Check out this the rest of this page to see the fact sheet.

All of this is thanks to Captain America.

EA Rugby World Cup 95 – Sega Genesis/Megadrive

4-way player action

Two Game Modes: Arcade & Simulation.

            Arcade: Players never tire. 

Sim: Players tire, but no subs! 

Four Modes: Friendly, League, World Cup 95, and World Cup

            Friendly: Exhibition

            League: Set up a League of 4, 8, or 16 teams   

World Cup 95: Teams from 95 Tournament

            World Cup: Set up a World Cup with 16 teams of your choosing.

One Stadium, 4 pitch types: Dry, Wet, Very Wet, Normal

Temperature: Hot, Normal, Cold, Very Cold. 

One fantastic camera angle

Had animations for Tries, successful Cons/Pens, and missed Cons/Pens

30 Teams, no real players, plus 2 specialty teams.  Included (have italicized the shockers):

Argentina, Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, England, Fiji, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Ivory Coast, Japan, Latvia, Morocco, Namibia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Samoa, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Tonga, USA, Uruguay, Wales, Zimbabwe.  EA Barbarians, EA Maulers.


EA Rugby World Cup 95 – PC

Came out summer of ‘95

Two Game Modes: Arcade & Simulation (same as above)

Three Modes: Friendly, World Cup 95, and World Cup (same as above, no League)

One Stadium, 3 pitch types: Dry, Normal, Wet

One camera angle, but would cut to wide screen for Cons/Pens

PC had Bill McLaren commentating and Actual Player names.

            Audio clips were short.  Last name only, with a ‘with the pass,’ ‘and that’s a try!’                      sort of thing.

20 Teams, Real Players, plus 2 specialty teams.  Included:

Argentina, Australia, Canada, England, Fiji, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Ivory Coast, Japan, New Zealand, Romania, Samoa, Scotland, South Africa, Tonga, USA, Wales, Zimbabwe.  EA Barbarians, EA Maulers.